Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One last thought on the night before

For me, in all of this, the waiting for surgery is the worst part.
Once we get to here, to the night before when we're doing things like having Mom here and doing the crunchy party and packing --
when I can finally DO something about my situation...
That's when I even out and do okay. That's when life becomes livable again.
I'm still prone to weepiness, but it's not fear driving it. I know in my heart that God will hold him and guide his doctors' hands.
It's just that he's my baby.
It's the main reason why I keep this blog, network with the parents, and work with cleftAdvocate and AmeriFace... Doing something changes things. It keeps it from being something that happens to us and turns it into something that we're working through.

So thank you all, for being there with me. For caring about my boy.
I'm going to be leaving Niall and Eleri here with my mom tomorrow.
You might want to say a few prayers for her, too.

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