Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday morning

We had a small breakthrough last night.
Rowan willingly looked at himself in the mirror on his way to bed. He has been avoiding all mirrors, and would hold his stuffed tiger over the lower half of his face when he went in to use the bathroom so he wouldn't have to see himself. It's been very sad to see, but I understand. He just doesn't look like himself too much, and he didn't want to see that.
He also willingly looked at the stitches on his hip - something else that he's been avoiding.
He's feeling much better. I've had to say something to him this morning about trying to run (awkwardly).
"Rowan, don't run. It's too soon for that."
"I'm not running, Mom. I'm just jogging."
"Well, don't jog either. Not yet."

He's back!


  1. I'm so glad to read that he's doing so well! I know a young lady whose baby's first surgery will be in a couple weeks; I'm going to point her to your blog.

  2. Your updates are uplifting - keep them coming! I'm glad for the good news.