Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wacky teeth

Rowan has been in a holding phase with his braces for a while, and it has become evident that things aren't going to happen with some of his teeth, so it's time to move them out so others can move in.
He had his bone graft at age 8, because x-rays showed that he had lateral incisors. Exciting! But it turns out that they are either tiny or shaped just like a canine anyway. Maybe they're extra canines? Who knows. The point is that they're in the way, and it's time to get them out of the way so that Rowan can move forward with having a fantastic smile.
So, on Wednesday morning, (barring iced over roads) we'll be headed in to UNC to have them out. Also on the block is one of his molars that is way over into his palate.

Getting those teeth out of the way should make it easier to have the rest of his teeth end up where they're supposed to be. Wish him luck! He'll be NPO after midnight on Tuesday, just in case they need to put him under for it. He's planning on just nitrous, with the option of being knocked out.

True to form, when Rowan is scheduled for something at UNC in the winter months, we have snow in the forecast.

Let's hope that the Monday night/Tuesday morning snow and ice drama doesn't keep us from getting him there when he's supposed to be. Waiting for this stuff is the worst part.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bye bye braces!

I am awful about updating here, but Rowan got his braces off last week. The difference is simply AMAZING.
Just look at this boy!
It's all the more dramatic when you consider what he started with.
Wowie. He is super happy with his teeth now.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Not much new

I've not had much new to talk about with Rowan's treatment since he got his braces. We go back every once in a while for adjustments, and give him ibuprofen on those days because his mouth gets a little sore. But, other than that... There's not much to tell!
Isn't that nice?
His teeth are moving marvelously. The weekly pictures got MUCH less dramatic after those first few weeks, so I've not been taking them. I do, however, make sure to take one on the days he sees his orthodontist.
The pictures are tabbed above, in the changing teeth and changing smile sections.
Now it's almost 2 years since his bone graft. Hard to believe. This time, two years ago, I was trying not to panic and picturing us on the other side of things. Let me tell you, the other side of things is mighty nice.
Next ortho visit is in Feb, and the team visit will be a week or so after that. I'm expecting a "good job, looks great, see you in a year" kind of visit.

Friday, September 2, 2011


We went to the orthodontist again yesterday, and didn't know until we were there that it was finally the day when Rowan would get braces! WOOO HOOO! He was very shocked and a little afraid when they told him, but once all was said and done, I'm glad it happened that way. He didn't have any time to fret and worry about what it would be like, because he found out and then it was done. I wish I'd thought to have my camera with me, but the pictures from the iPod have to do.

In the waiting room, no idea what's coming next.
The orthodontist looked at his teeth and x-ray, and said that it was time for hardware! He was super nervous and I asked him if he wanted me to stay with him. He said yes, so I did.

He had to brush his teeth before any work was done.
All ready to go!
With his super cool orthodontist
One happy boy!
He did great with it. He held still just like he was supposed to, and when it was done he said that it wasn't so bad. His mouth was sore this morning, so I packed him soft foods for snacks and gave him an ibuprofen. Everyone has said that we'll be surprised at how fast his teeth move around, so I plan on taking weekly pictures so we can watch the change happen. Hooray for braces!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toothy update

We've been in a holding pattern since the bone graft last year. Rowan's mouth needed time to heal, and then we had to wait for the current crop of residents to graduate and the new group to start at the dental school before we could get in for the orthodontics.
This is the one thing where Rowan hasn't been exactly smooth sailing. His surgeries have all been great. His recoveries have been fantastic. He's healed remarkably. His teeth?
Rowan had to have his bone graft done without having the palate expansion done first, because he HAS lateral incisors. Doing the graft early gives him a better chance of actually being able to keep them. His palate expansion was put off because his 6 year molar wasn't in yet. It's STILL not in. He's 8, closing in on 9 now, but that molar is hung up on the molar next to it. It can't come down. So, the plan is to remove the offending molar, and then hold the space for the permanent molar with brackets until it can come in. The removal is set for May 20th. 
Why so far away? 
Rowan (understandably) has a little anxiety about anyone mucking around in his mouth. He's fine with regular cleanings and x-rays, but removing something? We elected to give him gas for this, with the option of putting him under completely. The ped's anesthesiologist is only in the clinic on Fridays, so we had to schedule it pretty far out.
But he's had his molds done, and the plan for braces is in place. So once the molar is out, we should move right along to hardware not too long after that. Then Rowan's teeth will face the same direction, and he'll be able to bite into foods again. Won't that be great?
He's considering what color of brackets to get. Our ortho resident recommended to NOT get green, because it looks like you have salad stuck in your teeth. We're trusting her on that one. No on green.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Why I do what I do

Because of notes like these. (posted with permission)


Just found your blog in a desperate search...
Our six year old daughter is having her bone graft in Seattle on March 4th, Pre-op on Feb. 9th. This will be her fourth surgery to date. You would think it would get easier. I feel like I'm going to crack pretty much all the time now.. these last few weeks are brutal. Really hard to explain to my other mom friends. They are supportive, but have really no idea why I feel so (what is the right word here..... anguished?) over this up coming surgery. Maybe because they haven't had their kid look them in the eyes, pleading for you to help them, to not let the doctors do xyz to them... to see that kind of fear in their child...

Anyway, it's helped me so much to read your posts of the last few weeks. Thank you so much for writing them.
I has really meant so much to me.

Monday, January 25, 2010

11 days post op

His post op appointment is tomorrow. Things are going well. I can't wait to hear what Dr. T. says. I try looking in there but I have no idea what I'm looking at in there, and mainly what it looks like is weird. I have no basis for comparison.
His swelling has really gone down.

He has been being a normal boy for the past few days. I would have sent him to school today, but they had a teacher workday so it was another day at home. The post op appointment is tomorrow right before lunch. I will remember the leapster and didj this time, so maybe it won't take so long. Or if it does, maybe it won't feel so long.

You can see he's still a little puffy right around his nose. He has that Who from Whoville look going on. But even compared to a couple of days ago, he looks really good!