Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wacky teeth

Rowan has been in a holding phase with his braces for a while, and it has become evident that things aren't going to happen with some of his teeth, so it's time to move them out so others can move in.
He had his bone graft at age 8, because x-rays showed that he had lateral incisors. Exciting! But it turns out that they are either tiny or shaped just like a canine anyway. Maybe they're extra canines? Who knows. The point is that they're in the way, and it's time to get them out of the way so that Rowan can move forward with having a fantastic smile.
So, on Wednesday morning, (barring iced over roads) we'll be headed in to UNC to have them out. Also on the block is one of his molars that is way over into his palate.

Getting those teeth out of the way should make it easier to have the rest of his teeth end up where they're supposed to be. Wish him luck! He'll be NPO after midnight on Tuesday, just in case they need to put him under for it. He's planning on just nitrous, with the option of being knocked out.

True to form, when Rowan is scheduled for something at UNC in the winter months, we have snow in the forecast.

Let's hope that the Monday night/Tuesday morning snow and ice drama doesn't keep us from getting him there when he's supposed to be. Waiting for this stuff is the worst part.

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