Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toothy update

We've been in a holding pattern since the bone graft last year. Rowan's mouth needed time to heal, and then we had to wait for the current crop of residents to graduate and the new group to start at the dental school before we could get in for the orthodontics.
This is the one thing where Rowan hasn't been exactly smooth sailing. His surgeries have all been great. His recoveries have been fantastic. He's healed remarkably. His teeth?
Rowan had to have his bone graft done without having the palate expansion done first, because he HAS lateral incisors. Doing the graft early gives him a better chance of actually being able to keep them. His palate expansion was put off because his 6 year molar wasn't in yet. It's STILL not in. He's 8, closing in on 9 now, but that molar is hung up on the molar next to it. It can't come down. So, the plan is to remove the offending molar, and then hold the space for the permanent molar with brackets until it can come in. The removal is set for May 20th. 
Why so far away? 
Rowan (understandably) has a little anxiety about anyone mucking around in his mouth. He's fine with regular cleanings and x-rays, but removing something? We elected to give him gas for this, with the option of putting him under completely. The ped's anesthesiologist is only in the clinic on Fridays, so we had to schedule it pretty far out.
But he's had his molds done, and the plan for braces is in place. So once the molar is out, we should move right along to hardware not too long after that. Then Rowan's teeth will face the same direction, and he'll be able to bite into foods again. Won't that be great?
He's considering what color of brackets to get. Our ortho resident recommended to NOT get green, because it looks like you have salad stuck in your teeth. We're trusting her on that one. No on green.