Friday, May 1, 2009

Ready for phase 2...

I just got off the phone with the orthodontics dept of the team. We're set to come in on June 11, to get his panorex and preliminary evaluation.
Rowan is going to have to have a palate expander put in. He has a crossbite, which is completely normal in a kid who had a cleft palate. He's going to have to have that fixed, and get his bone graft, some time in the next few years.
She said that he'll have x-rays and his evaluation on June 11, and then depending on how things look is when they'll start the ball rolling. We'll have another visit a few weeks later where they take a complete history (even though they have all his old records, she said they have to do it again at this new phase) and take the molds of his mouth. They'll figure out a treatment plan, and we'll be presented with options as to what we're looking at.
She said if all goes as it usually does, we're looking at getting his braces in August.

All of this is very foreign to me. I never had any of this done. John had braces, and had to wear head gear at night for some of that, so he's going to be better about knowing what Rowan's going through than I am. This is all for the good stuff though. Rowan's got a good foundation so far with his teeth, and all we can do is wait and see what they say.

I'm taking deep breaths. I'm going to be excited for him instead of fearful. At least I had to get molds of my teeth made recently for that nightguard, so I can show him those and how cool it will be to have that kind of thing done with his teeth.

All I can think is, "Here we go!" This 4 years of no surgery, no therapy, no nothing is about to come to an end. I forget what it's like to have monthly appointments. But here we go.
Here we go.


  1. Milli, what a beautiful website! I love that letter that you wrote at the bottom to new moms. Rowans such a handsome little dude! Thanks so much for sharing Rowan's beautiful journey with the rest of us. Good luck with his 1st ortho clinic!

  2. I've had my braces since January. So far it's been not tooo bad. I get to pick the colour of elastics they put on at each adjustment.

    I'll be thinkin' of ya little man!